Tourism all over the world serves a great treat to the tourists and likewise to their hosts. People tour for various reasons; business, fun and entertainment, study of history and most importantly prayer and pilgrimages. TREIC Ministries is building the TREIC Cathedral, this holy place of worship will house many religious articles especially those used by Rev. John O. Yeboah in his ministry. The Holygrounds will provide centers for pilgrims from all over the world to come and pray and have a chance to witness and be part of the work Jesus Christ of Nazareth is doing in TREIC Ministries.The ministry is going to construct state of the art sports centers for various sporting activities which will boost people’s talents. This will attract a large participation and fan base. This will be another mark for tourism in the ministry. In the same idea as sports, the ministry is investing greatly in agriculture; this will provide grounds for teaching interested people agriculture, providing employment opportunities and market for produce from other farmers. These farms and agricultural practices will also be open for tourism purposes. The church tourism activities will also boost the income of our country Uganda and also support the ministry activities.