Over the years in Uganda, agriculture has been known to be the backbone of Uganda, not just the economy but also as a way of life. Despite the above, many Ugandans are recorded to lack what to eat and also lack knowledge about agricultural practices; commercial agriculture and peasant-home consumption
agriculture. TREIC Ministries receives hundreds of unemployed, homeless and stranded people; in this cause it is planning to put a lot of emphasis in agriculture, to fill the unemployment gap in Uganda, the lack of agricultural knowledge in Uganda,  lack of food and the export gap in Uganda. The ministry plans to train many interested parties in various agricultural practices, it also plans to employ thousands of people in different capacities as needed. All this will improve people’s standards of living and the country at large in improving the balance of payments.

The ministry  is so far engaging in mushroom growing and poultry farming in cages, these two are already expressing the vision and missions in the agricultural life of  TREIC Ministries as many more are projects are in preparations.