TBS TV And Radio

January 8, 2023

Join the TBS Media family;
1. TBS Tv: The TV is Live on free to air decoders on Channel 36  And GOTV with amazing and life changing programs like Zukuka ne Kristo every morning,Sabula Kumakya, Abadwankufu every evening, Ebyemizannyo Kakeeka every Saturday and Byasoberawa with the lead Pastor of TREIC Ministries, Pr. Johnson Kato Muwanguzi. Tune in everyday and don’t change the station.

2. TBS Radio: With the migration from ordinary radio frequencies to digital radios, TBS Media has also pushed the radio online through its direct site: https://www.tbsmedia.org/ and the TBS App: “TBS Radio” in Play Store. PLEASE DOWNLOAD NOW

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