The Lord Grants Four Vehicles to our ministry. Glory and honor back to Jesus.

December 31, 2022

The Lord has done good things to us and is still doing more.

The Lord Grants Four Vehicles to our ministry. Glory and Honour back to Jesus. The year of Salvation has surely been an amazing year for TREIC Ministries. The ministry is blessed with a number of choirs and programs run by different people in the family, these include; TBS TV,
TREIC Brass band, this is filled with fine young men and women that the church has trained to play all the band instruments; trombones, trumpets, French horns, tuba and others. The band plays very fine music from all circles of the world. The third category is TREIC Cultural Dancers; they dance all African and western dances ranging from Amaganda, amasoga, Raka-raka,runyege and others. All these groups have been catered for among the cars. Any events attached to the church and the TV, the ministry doesn’t have to hire transport, Jesus has blessed us with 4 cars including a cargo carrier FUSO. Surely Glory and Honor back to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. This is just the beginning of the YEAR OF WONDERS.


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