December 31, 2022

Byasoberawa Goes Viral On TBS TV And Radio
The year 2022; the year of Salvation we saw Byasoberawa program capture the hearts of many
viewers across the country. The Tuesday open day for all new members coming to speak with the
Servant of God Pastor Johnson Kato Muwanguzi is the mother of the program Byasoberawa in Trinity
Redemption Evangelical International Church (TREIC Ministries). The Servant of God attends to every
one individually in church, in the presence of the rest of the congregation; here he talks to people
with the guidance of the Holy Spirit about the message Jesus Christ has for them about all that is
going on in their lives. This is the work of the Holy Spirit brought by the Man of God Rev. John O.
Yeboah to Uganda. Surely the works of Jesus Christ of Nazareth through his servant Pastor Johnson
has put many viewers of Byasoberawa on tenterhooks. Do not miss Byasoberawa every Tuesday on
TBS TV, TBS Radio and You Tube: treicministries.

NOTE: For Counseling in Church is shs23000 And for private Counseling is shs103000 only #Byasoberawa

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